Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe process Consuming High System Resource

Playing online games is one of the most entertaining means of entertainment that most of the people love to avail. In order to provide users with such great gaming performance through computers, a number of well known companies are working day and night. In my previous article, I discussed about such a gaming platform named “Steam”, which is a very popular name providing users with a large number of games. Lovers can just download its client software on their computer and play a large varieties of options hassle free. The article also tried to resolve a very common error that takes place many a times with Steam users. In this article, I am to discuss about another well known gaming platform named Origin, that is developed by Electronic Arts, and is similar to Steam.

So, Origin is another renowned gaming platform to allow users to purchase, download, install and update varieties of games on computer. And a game lover must have to download and install Origin’s client software on PC, which is widely available for almost all well known operating systems. Well, in this article we are not discussing about how to use use this application, but a mostly reported issue associated with this gaming platform, and that is “QtWebEngineProcess.exe high resource consumption”. This may happen even to you if your Origin copy is updated recently. Alike all other genuine and reliable applications, Origin also offers regular updates to its client software to enhance stability, security, configuration, and so on. And QtWebEngineProcess.exe one of the file which may come through such updates, which sometimes causes high CPU resource usage. This issue needs to be fixed, and this article will discuss how it can be accomplished.

Many users prefer terminating Origin client software running in background to sort out high CPU usgae issues, but this would not be a complete fix. Once you start this software next time and a game is launched, the resources would jump up again to cause computers being sluggish. Therefore, to sort out this issue in a complete way, it’s necessary to know about some suggested solutions. We hope you may able to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe high resource consumption issues easily.

In some cases, QtWebEngineProcess.exe can also be a part of Ring Central, Bitlord, Glyph, etc, and may throw some irritating error messages, if something happens wrong. If this is your issue, then copy of QtWebEngineProcess.exe on your system might be corrupted or may be a malicious file. The kinds of errors which may erupt on screen in such instances includes:

  1. “QtWebEngineProcess.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience/”
  2. “Cannot find QtWebEngineProcess.exe”
  3. “Error starting program QtWebEngineProcess.exe”
  4. “QtWebEngineProcess.exe Application Error”
  5. “QtWebEngineProcess.exe is not a valid win32 application”
  6. “QtWebEngineProcess.exe failed”

Suggested methods to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe errors or QtWebEngineProcess.exe high CPU usage issues

Plan 1: Re-install Origin client software & its games

It’s very common to have QtWebEngineProcess.exe high process consumption issues, if the updates or patch corrupts when downloaded. This may also throw errors some instances. To fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe errors in such instances, we recommend you re-install the application, for which required steps are here:

  1. Click on Start button and navigate to Settings, click it
  2. Navigate to Apps > Apps & Features
  3. Scroll the list of active apps and find Origin
  4. Select the app, and click Uninstall
  5. Once the program is completely removed, visit Origin’s official website to download and install it again

Plan 2: Execute SFK (System File Checker) through CMD

SFK is an inbuilt tool offered by Windows OS to resolve many issues related to operating system. This can also be helpful to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe errors in some circumstances. The steps are:

  1. Hit Win + R key combination, and type CMD (Make sure the user privileges should be administrator)
  2. When CMD is active, type sfc/scannow and press Enter Key
  3. The scanner will run to find and fix Windows related problems automatically

Plan 3: Using DISM Scanner to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe error

  1. Follow steps in Plan 2 to open CMD as administrator
  2. Once Command Prompt is open, type DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth and hit Enter
  3. The scanner will scan all files and repair if some entities really require it. Check if QtWebEngineProcess.exe issue is resolved.

Plan 4: Terminate QtWebEngineProcess.exe process manually

Many a times, QtWebEngineProcess.exe process crashes in background, and keeps eating CPU resources with no limits. In such cases, terminating the process and re-initiating once again may fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe high CPU usage issue. To do so, the steps are here:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination and choose Task Manager to initiate it
  2. Navigate to Processes tab, and find QtWebEngineProcess.exe
  3. Right click on selected exe file, and choose End Task option
  4. Terminate, Origin or other associated app with file, and Re-launch it
  5. Check if problem has gone

Plan 5: Restoring Windows using System Restore

If QtWebEngineProcess.exe error started to appear recently, and application was working fine a few days ago, then restoring your Windows system to a back date can help. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Find System Restore by search or locate
  3. Choose the restore point on date when application was running flawlessly
  4. Click Next followed by all on screen instructions to complete restore process

Plan 6: Installing Windows Updates

QtWebEngineProcess.exe error may appear on screen as well if some mandatory Windows OS files are missing and you have not updated the system software for a long time. In this case, you can try updating or installing Windows updates, to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe problems completely.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Enter Update to search this term, if found, select and press Enter to open it
  3. When opens, the update dialog box will run automatically to check if any updates are available
  4. If some updates are available, download and install them

Plan 7: Using a recommended automatic solution

This method to fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe errors or QtWebEngineProcess.exe high resource consumption issue, is extremely perfect. So, in case you failed to resolve PC issues completely or unable to check it out with above manual hassles, then this plan is best option. You may require to download and install Advanced System Repair Suite on your computer and run the scanner to detect and fix all found problems automatically. This program is exceptionally beneficial for Windows PC users as it’s featured with many advanced options using which the system may not only be error free, but will also be protected against unwanted invaders. This might be a premium solution, but recommended by most of the experts to keep a system error free for ever.

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Samir Prakash Author