How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Pricing Fits Your Budget and Business Needs

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its connection with CRM

Lately, the usage of different types of analytical and management applications that are being used by companies have become a trend in numerous industries. Many companies have started to integrate the usage of different types of applications that have the potential of making the employees’ work easier and smoother, alongside providing the company with growth opportunities. 

One of the most used and well-known applications are some of the Microsoft Products such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Analytics, and even Microsoft Excel. Businesses that have used these tools to perform different types of analysis have seen huge growth in their profit margins alongside other benefits. 

As the demand for these services and applications started to increase in the market, some suppliers started to put high prices in order to compete with other competitors in the market. 

However, Microsoft followed the strategy of providing its applications and tools at a decent price, by also allowing users to have access to other products offered by them. For that, 

Even though Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost differ from subscription plan to another, it is one of the applications that has a reasonable price that fits the budget of numerous companies. Alongside having a logical price, the application offers a wide variety of features that have proven to satisfy its users. 

How will businesses reduce costs while using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Generally, the price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 compared to competitor applications is considered to be above average. However, by doing a cost benefit analysis, users have found that the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics outweigh its cost.

By having access to numerous benefits and features, users are also able to use other Microsoft products in the same environment. This has sped up the workflow of employees and decreased the number of bottlenecks in their operations.

What should businesses consider before integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365

First and foremost, considering the price of the application is the top priority for businesses that wish to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are numerous factors that affect the pricing of the application such as the subscription plan that a business needs. 

The subscription plans differ from business to another – it depends on the number of employees, amount of needed storage, additional features, etc.

On the other hand, companies should take into account whether all of their internal tools and applications that they use to complete their operations will be compatible with Dynamics 365. 

Plus, it is best to check the amount of data that needs to be transferred to the new application and save all of it in a single storage. Nevertheless, getting started with these applications is complex since the tools need to be provided with years worth of data to be able to provide the best conclusions. Thus, some research needs to be done before integrating the usage of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Different prices that business should consider before using Microsoft Dynamics 365:

1- Prices of different features within the tool

Some companies use different types of internal applications  – for instance, many companies have developed their own internal employee management applications that will provide employees with tasks during their working hours. 

So, before transitioning to the new method, companies should research and find out how much additional payment needs to be done to connect both applications.

2- Different subscription plans

As mentioned above, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers different types of subscription plans to its users. So, when doing research and finding the best pricing budget for the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses should take into consideration the different types offered and choose the best one for their organization.

3- Storage and maintenance costs

When using Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is important to do storage and maintenance to check whether the accounts are safe from viruses and if they are protected enough from external sources. For that, when assigning a budget, companies need to take into account the yearly maintenance costs. 

4- Calculating how much business will save by using the tool 

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies are offered a wide range of features – features that include using most of the other Microsoft products, such as Sharepoint and Teams. 

So, when purchasing the subscription, companies are able to reduce some of their costs. For instance, having access to Microsoft Teams will provide companies the opportunity of using the integrated communication application while reducing the membership costs of the communication platform they previously used.

5- Considering the chances of negotiations and discounts

Finally, when companies aim to purchase yearly subscriptions, Microsoft tends to provide discounts and special prices when negotiated with the companies. 

For that, before purchasing the applications, companies should take the chance and negotiate on the pricing on the high chances of receiving discounts. 


To sum up, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides companies with numerous technical benefits as well as provides them with the ability to have access to high-quality applications at reasonable prices.