How to disable any key on keyboard Windows 10?

In this tutorial we will guide you on How to disable any key on keyboard Windows 10. Disabling any key on your keyboard is not that important but there are some users who choose to keep the unused key disable, which is absolutely fine because hitting wrong key on keywords can ruin your day or mood and especially when the action is irreversible. There are many apps which are used to disable any key on keyboard Windows 10.  So, if you are also desired to disable any of the useless key on your keyboard then you can totally rely on this blog.

As we have earlier mentioned that that there are many ways to disable the keys on your Keyboard but one of the easiest ways to disable the keys on your keyboard is via Microsoft’s free Power Toys Utility with Power Toys. This app will not only disable the unwanted key on your keyboard but it will also reassign any key to have function of another key. This is called “Remapping of a key.” In such case, we change the unwanted key to “Undefined” which clearly means that nothing will happen when the key is pressed.

Follow the steps to disable any key on keyboard Windows 10

  • First of all you need to download Microsoft PowerToys >
  • Then launch PowerToys>click on “keyboard Manager” in the sidebar and tap on “Remap a key”

  • Under the “Remap Keyboard” Window, tap on “+” plus sign button in order to add mapping definition

  • To change any key mapping, you need to choose the key you desire to change in the left column, after that define what you want it to do in right column.
  • Then by using the drop down menu below “key”: heading on the left, choose any key that you want to disable, in the mapped section on the right, tap the drop down menu and select “Undefined”

Note: Here I have chosen Win key for demonstration, you can choose any key you want according to your requirement.

  • Once done then tap on “OK”, after pressing OK, you will be prompted by Windows with a warning message >you need to tap on “Continue Anyway”

Congratulations!!! You have successfully disabled the key, all your changes have been saved and now you can close PowerToys and use your Windows normally.

Disabling a key is quite an easy task to do but you should also know about how to re-enable the disabled key. Re-enabling a key is easier, all you need is to follow the below mention steps to do so:

  • Launch PowerToys>go to Keyboard Manager>Remap a key
  • Locate the disabled key>Undefined mapping and tap on the nearby trash can icon to remove it.
  • Finally tap on OK and the disabled key will be re-enabled.

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Bottom Line!!!

That’s all about on How to disable any key on keyboard Windows 10. I really hope that the article will surely help you in disabling any key on keyboard Windows 10. If you liked the post then don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page and keep visiting the this Page for more useful tutorials. Thanks for Reading.

Samir Prakash Author