How to Fix Location Tab Missing From Folder Properties Windows 10 [SOLUTION]

The Location tab in properties page window of supported folders will allow you to see the current location of the folder, restore default location, find target of the location and move the folder location.

Sometimes, users experiences an error or bug where the Location Tab Missing from Folder Properties Windows 10. If you open your folder via Libraries or Quick Access then the location tab might not shows up. Try to open your user folder and then right click to open properties and check whether you can see the option or not.

 Another temporary method you can try is by disabling the UAC or User Account Control. Right click on the folder and then select properties and check if you can see the Location tab or not. If you can see the location tab then, re-enable the UAC again after your work.

Fix Using Registry

To resolve your issue you can edit Registry. Also remember to Create a Restore Point just in case if anything goes wrong and to avoid absolute system failure.

Step 1: Open RUN dialogue box by pressing Win + R key on the keyboard.

Step 2: Type regedit and press Enter.

Step 3: After opening Registry Editor find the following key:


Step 4: Right click on Property Handlers and select New option and then Key.

Step 5: After the new key is created, rename it to

{4a7ded0a – ad25 – 11d0 – 98a8 – 0800361b1103}

Step 6: After the key is created, restart your computer to see if the Location is visible in Properties.

To see if the method work, check the location tab for persona folder like Videos, Music, and Download etc. However if the User folder does not support being moved then you will not be able to find the tab on their respective properties.

Other unorthodox method to fix this issue is to create a new user account. This might help if the issue is some temporary file displacement.

Some folder support moving from one location to another therefore you will see their location tab. And if the folder does not support moving from one location to another then you will not see their location tab. On the other hand, some programs insist on using a particular path and for that reason their location tab will not show. If the tab is missing for no apparent reason, then you might need to check the related Registry Key as mentioned above.

Other error related to location tab missing are Sharing tab or Security tab missing for the folder properties.

Sharing Tab Missing From Folder Properties Windows 10

 The solution to this issue is almost identical to the location tab issue mentioned above. Follow these steps to fix the issue

Step 1: Open RUN dialogue box and type regedit to open Registry Editor.

Step 2: Navigate to the following path


 In case the sharing folder is not available then you have to create it.

Step 3: Right click on PropertySheetHandlers folder and select New.

Step 4: Create a Key and name it Sharing.

A default REG_SZ key will be created automatically and the value will be blank.

Step 5: Double click on the key and set the value to following

{f81e9010 – 6ea4 – 11ce – a7ff – 00aa003ca9f6}

Step 6: Reboot your computer and check.

This issue is quite rare to run into but the solution is very straight forward. For that reason, we have mentioned all the possible solution related to Location Tab Missing from Folder Properties Windows 10 and Sharing Tab Missing from Folder Properties Windows 10.

Samir Prakash Author