How to turn off location services windows 10

Windows 10 is widely considered to be the most successful operating system by Microsoft which offers great flexibility and compatibility to hardware and software. However, it has some points as well which disappoints some users, and it’s obvious to happen with almost all things including this OS as well. According to many PC users, they don’t want to allow their applications to track their locations, and find it hard to disable the service. So, in this tutorial, we are going to discuss how you can deal with this Windows feature according to your need, or just say you will learn how to disable location service on Windows 10.

Windows 10 inbuilt location service is actually a feature that allows some applications to do so. Although Windows or some computers don’t have GPS installed on them, but this service is easily capable to track one’s location through IP address or Wi-fi positioning. For many users, this service is entertaining as well because it enables them to entertain their digital experiences with some apps like Maps, and so on. Also, Microsoft has added this function to its operating system just to offer great volatility to receive the most relevant search queries according to their locations.

So, Windows 10 location services can be helpful as well as destructive as well if some potentially unwanted program affects the computer, and this is why many users need to turn off location service on Windows PC. If you too want the same, then you should know the OS offers you do so in a few steps only. There are 2 options to turn off location services on windows 10, includes disabling location tracking for a specific account, or disabling the service for all Windows accounts. To know details about required instructions, get through the article further.

Methods to disable location service on Windows 10 easily

Before you start to read the instructions to turn off location services on windows 10 computer, you should know this service is very necessary for Cortana to worl smoothly. Means, the application will stop working once you disable location tracking on your computer. Also, you would not be able to find your perfect location on Google Maps, or inbuilt Map application. But don’t need to worry as you can enable the services once again if needed further. Check out the methods below:

Method 1: Disabling location services on Windows 10 for a specific accounts

1. Click on Start Menu and select Settings

2. Navigate to Privacy followed by clicking it

3. Select Location on the left open panel

4. Turn the switch to off, to turn off location tracking for that account

Method 2: Turning off location tracking for all Windows Accounts

1. Click on the Start Menu and select Settings

2. Like method 1, Navigate to Privacy, and select Location

3. As shown in image, press the Change button and turn the location switch off to disable location tracking for all Windows accounts.

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