Rainmeter Best Skins for Windows 10

Windows operating system has always been very customizable in almost every way possible. From changing the color accent of the taskbar to changing the wallpaper of homescreen and lockscreen as well as the font used. There are many third party theme engines to change every aspect of your user interface.

Rainmeter is one of the most popular and most used theme engine across the world. You can fully customize the desktop with multiple features like adding clock, network stats or resource consumption. Even though you can customize on your own there are countless theme available to use. Therefore, we have listed some of the Rainmeter Best Skin for Windows 10 you can use on your computer and transform it to an extreme.

Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10  


If you are a minimal skin lover like me then this skin if exclusively for you. With a distinctive music player, clock, calendar and weather widget. The dock is similar to mac OS and is totally changeable. Apart for this, Aego is the best light weight skin that you can even use it on low end hardware. Download minimal wallpaper and use it for the best result.

The Gemini Suite   

An abstract skin with CPU, RAM and storage widgets with different color variants. But the most interesting thing included in the skin is gaming tool integration. Gamers exclusive love this skin because you can add your choice of games and apps in the widget section. In addition, you can even add Steam and Xbox game bar to it. If you game a lot then download this skin ASAP.


Every child dream growing up watching Iron Man was to own Tony Stark personal assistant Jarvis. This skin resembles that and has a huge line of customizability. It has multiple modules that can be re positioned including info such as HDD capacity, Date, time, and temperature. Add course shortcuts to the system folder on the arc reactor core.

Before Dawn

If you don’t want to tinker too much and spend a whole lot of time customizing theme and want a good looking theme then this theme is for you. This could be the easiest to set skin and require almost no tweaking. It has all the custom widgets as well as RSS feed and Current location module built into it. All you need to do is to download and run.


If you have neon wallpaper applied to your homescreen then this is hands down the best theme you can get to contrast it. As with every Rainmeter skin you can add multiple different widgets to it. And the best part is Spotify integration. But remember to properly get Spotify to working you need to tweak it a bit. Other than that nothing can beat this skin with good wallpaper.


If you like your android interface and want to experience on your desktop then this skin is for. It is built to resemble the working of android user interface and even have a quick setting on which you can toggle music control. A touch screen laptop will be the best device to use it on to give the full on experience. Add Google pixel wallpaper and see your Windows homescreen turn into Android homescreen. Overall we would recommend you try this skin.

 Big Sur

If you have a want to have the same experience as macOS Big Sur widgets then it was made for you especially. It has a bunch of working widget modules like volume, brightness toggle, to-do-list, weather, date, time and more. One more aspect of this skin you can get the latest news articles right on your desktop.


This is one of the more, if not the most downloaded skin on Rainmeter of all time, you could spend countless hours tinkering Enigma. In fact, it was the default skin at a point of time. All of its modules are fully customizable and could be re-arranged individually. Real time active process, CPU and RAM usage, Picture slideshow or multiple RSS feeds can all be added to the desktop. We suggest you try this even if you don’t want to spend all night tweaking it.


The most amazing feature of this skin is its sub-elements. There are no containing boundaries so the widgets appear as the part of the wallpaper rather than a discrete widget. This creates an endless creativity as well as customizability. If you pair this skin with the right wallpaper then you can create a one of a kind homescreen that everyone could be envious of. Some of the modules that you can add include Network bandwidth, storage space, temperature, date and time, CPU/RAM usage and more.

Cyberpunk 2077

This skin is in the list due to the bias of me and many more Cyberpunk or futuristic skin lover. It is exactly as it sound like, customize to your heart content with widgets and sub-modules. And if you can get enough of it then pair it with your favorite wallpaper and make a futuristic looking desktop home screen.

Make Your Homescreen Unique With Rainmeter Skin  

If you are tired of using the same Windows theme and want to add a personal touch to your computer or laptop then Rainmeter has countless of options. Download the application and add wallpaper, customize the widgets and sub-module or just download Rainmeter skins for windows 10 from our handpicked list mentioned above.

Samir Prakash Author