Tricks To Find Wifi Password On Windows 10

The term Wi-fi stands for Wireless Fidelity is a brand that described underlying technology of wireless local area network. This technology is now become so popular that hardly an individual will be unaware of this. Through this technology, a number of devices can be connected to a network without requiring any wire, and is being utilized in almost all sectors including private as well as enterprise industries. And to connect a wifi network, a device is also necessary to access it for personal purposes. To do so, Windows system nowadays also offers the connectivity service using which a user can connect to any wifi network according to their personal desire.

Using Windows system, a user needs to enter wifi password from their machine, and their system gets easily connected after undergoing all security checks. But, it happens often the user forgets the password after connectivity which causes them problems later to reconnect the network once again. Generally, home based routers have written default wifi password in its back or bottom, but this must be changed in time according to requirements. But, in case if the network you are connected with is not owned by you, then you might get such chance to find the wifi password to connect other device or to reconnect your Windows system once again. Make sure your system is connect to the network, then you would be able to find wifi password easily with some easy methods. To do this, you would have to check your network setup, which is still unknown to many PC users.

So, this article is all about to tell you some probably easy methods or techniques using which a user can easily find wifi password on Windows 10. if you have tried the best with yourself to find the password, but not succeeded, then this article is really helpful. Here comes some methods you may go through to meet your requirements and remember the lost password once again in a few minutes.

Method 1: Change/Find wifi password on router’s configuration page

In case, you are the owner of wifi network router and forgot the password, then you should know it can be changed or found easily through router’s configuration page. To do so, you would have to login into router’s page and alter or view the settings. The required steps to do so includes:

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Type ipconfig and hit Enter

3. You can see IP addresses displayed, copy one set as Default Gateway

4. Open your browser and paste the copied IP, press Enter

The IP address will open router’s configuration page which will ask you to enter Username and Password. If you haven’t altered the default details, you can easily find them on router’s guide book, else you may require to reset the router. You would have to press Reset button for 10 seconds, and the router will be reset. Just login with described details in guide book, and find/change wifi password easily.

Method 2: Checking Wifi Password on Windows 10 from Network Settings

If your Windows system is connected to wifi network and you need to find wifi password to connect other devices, then this method is very useful. Here the steps are:

1. Click on Start button, and navigate to Settings, click it

2. Select Network & Internet

3. Under selection page, click on Status then hit Network and Sharing Center

4. Click on Wireless Network Connection, and select Wireless Properties

5. In the opened section on screen, click on Security tab and check Show Characters checkbox

Method 3: Steps to find Wifi password on previously connected network on Windows 10

It needs many time to find Wifi password of previously connected network on windows 10. You can also find this in easy steps which are instructed below:

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Type netsh wlan show profiles and hit Enter,,

3. Select the profile you are interested to find the password, and copy its name

4. Type netsh wlan show profile name={paste selected profile name} key=clear where “{paste selected profile name}” and press Enter

5. The password will be displayed as Key Content

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