Wacom Desktop Center Allows to Configure Wacom Device Settings

Wacom Tablets are one of the best alternatives to the mouse for expressive painting, drawing and navigating your computer with a pressure-sensitive pen. To use Wacom tablets & pens in your Windows computer, you will need to download and install Wacom tablet drivers & software in your computer and connect the tablet via USB cable to USB port, or wirelessly or Bluetooth. If Wacom tablet is connected, you can use Wacom pen as alternative to mouse for painting, drawing and navigating your computer.

Now, the application like Wacom Desktop Center is required in your computer which notifies you when Wacom drivers & firmware updates available. This software offers you can detect drivers & firmware updates and helps you keep your driver and product up-to-date.

Wacom Desktop Center Application acts as mediator between Wacom devices and your computer. This application also offers you to configure or change tablet settings like display settings. You are also allowed to backup, restore and manage your wecom device settings on your computer hard drive storage or on Wacom Cloud.

Wacom Desktop Center tool also allows you to access ‘Wacom Store’ to research and purchase products and accessories. It enables driver logging for support purposes, check driver functions, view diagnostic data, access wacom support.

Five (5) Menus in Wacom Desktop Center:

1: My Devices: This menu can easily be accessed by clicking ‘My Devices’ option in left pane. This menu offers you can customize your wacom device settings, redeem software, and access the product documentation.

2: Updates: This menu shows the list updates available for drivers, firmware or BIOS for your device and allows you the keep up-to-date drivers and Wacom products.

3: Backup settings: This menu or section in Wacom Desktop Center application offers you to create backup and manage wacom device settings on your computer hard drive or on Wacom cloud.

4: Support: This menu allows you to access wacom support, check driver functions, view diagnostic data or enable driver logging for support purposes.

5: Store: This menu offers you to access ‘Wacom Store’ to research and purchase products and accessories.

How to open Wacom Desktop Center on Windows 10?

This tool auto starts by default each time the computer starts or new user sign in. You can also access this application from Windows Taskbar or search the application via ‘Windows Search Box’ or can be accessible from the wacom tablet folder in start menu in Windows. Once opened, you can use this application by navigating the menu from left pane.

How to log in with Wacom ID to access Wacom Cloud?

This way, you can access the Wacom Cloud to save and restore Device Settings.

Step 1: Open ‘Wacom Desktop Center’ app in your Windows 10

Step 2: Click on ‘Login’ in top-right corner of this software

Step 3: Now, enter your email ID and password to sign in. Or use ‘Click Here’ link if want to create new account, and then log into your Wacom account.

Step 4:  Once logged in, click you name in top-right corner of this software to view and update your profile.


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Samir Prakash Author