How to fix Vmmem High Memory Usage?

Have you heard about Vmmen? It’s a virtual process that the system synthesizes to represent the memory and the CPU resources consumed by your virtual machines. And also Vmmen is responsible for running virtual machine processes & memories. It clearly means that the process is the heart of the virtual machine, and it is where all of the VM functions and the applications execute.

But unfortunately several users have claimed Vmmem High Memory Usage and the main reason for Vmmen using lot of memory is users configuring virtual machines with a large amount of memory & CPU, and this often results in them utilizing all of the resources available which eventually raises the Vmmen process’s requirements.

Fixes for Vmmem High Memory Usage

Restart WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) from CM

Step 1: Open Command Prompt by pressing Windows + S and then type cmd>before tapping on it, right-click and choose Run as Administrator

Step 2: After that copy and paste or simply type the command wsl –shutdown and press Enter to run the command

Step 3: If still the command didn’t works for you then you need to go to the following location in the File Explorer


Step 4: Add this code to the file and then save it:



Step 5: Now restart your computer to completely end the vmmem in Windows 10. Keep in mind that if you have made this change then you can’t be able to use Linux GUI apps without removing those lines from the file.

Frequently Asked Queries!!

How can I prevent high memory & CPU Usage?

Users experience high memory use as a result of the computer running multiple apps simultaneously should close the programs the resolve the issue. If the software takes up too much memory, they can end the program to get past the issue.

Unless the CPU utilization is greater than 50% for a period of more than 10 minutes then you should not terminate any process before time. When the Windows runs scans or updates in the background, the CPU utilization will spike for a short period of time. This is normal and can be executed.

Task Manager lets you to end any background programs that may be running by un-checking then in the Startup tab on left hand side. So you can sort programs by their startup impact to check which one are the most resource-intensive.

You need to look in the Task Manager for the processes that have the CPU & memory consumption at near 100%, it is required to end them and then restart again. And if you found that different software is responsible for high CPU utilization, and then you can either block it from starting up or uninstall it. We also suggest you to install the latest versions of Windows.

It has been observed that there are some power settings that reduce the overall performance of your machine and slow memory allocation.

Well there are many ways to prevent high memory usage like closing unnecessary background running apps, defragmenting the hard drive, disabling the startup applications and changing the registry settings.

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