Nvidia Control Panel Download or Reinstall Windows 10

Nvidia Control Panel is utility software designed & developed by NVIDIA Company – American Multinational Company known for making graphics cards or GPUs for gaming and professional markets. This application offers you can access critical functions of the NVIDIA drivers and improve your gaming experience on Microsoft Windows OS based devices.

Nvidia Control Panel application offers you can make any game appear cleaner, sharper and faster. This application features full screen anti-aliasing, configuration settings, and other important functions to improve your gaming experiences.

Depending on graphics card model and computer hardware’s configuration, you can access and configure your NVIDIA graphics card’s settings with this tool, and can be downloaded with just single click. It means if you know the NVIDIA graphics card model name and computer’s hardware configuration, then you can download this software by visiting directly to NVIDIA page to get this.

But before downloading and installing this tool, you need to uninstall all preinstalled drivers, and once uninstalled, you can go for installation. To do so, you can follow our instructions. Let’s go for solution.

How to Nvidia Control Panel Download and install on Windows 10?

Step 1: Open your browser and visit ‘Microsoft Store’ or ‘Windows Store’ Official

Step 2: Search for ‘Nvidia Control Panel’ via ‘Search Microsoft.com’

Step 3: In the opened page, click on ‘Get’ button to download and install this tool.

Step 4: You will be asked to log into your Microsoft Account or create new account to sign in. And continue with installation

Step 5: Once done, open the ‘Nvidia Control Panel’ app and now enjoy its features.

‘Nvidia Control Panel Software’ Optimizes Drivers and Games

As mentioned, this utility software allows you to customize video quality to improve graphics & gaming experience. It offers you can modify the game’s imagery and resolution with just few clicks. If you are beginner, ‘Use My Preference’ section can be selected to shuffle between multiple configuration options.

This program controls video quality and speed results in, the game appears better than the original version. You are also allowed to choose ‘Use the Advanced 3D Image Setting’ which offers better output results.

In terms of resolutions and speed, Nvidia Control Panel is one of the best utility software for gaming which improves overall gaming performance. With this tool, you are allowed to override presets and apply new effects to the game.

Nvidia Control Panel features ‘Anisotropic Filtering’ and ‘Dynamic Super Resolution’ where the first one allows you to make the images appear realistic and sharper while second feature can be used to render a much higher resolution, and result in, it ensures the better picture & video quality by improving pixels of games.

However, if you want to undo all changes made or go back to default settings, then this tool offers you to Reset settings to default and can be reset by just clicking ‘Reset’ button. This way, all settings you have made will be erased and enable the default settings.

‘Nvidia Control Panel’ Application automatically check for NVIDIA Drivers Update

This NVIDIA Utility Software offers ‘NVIDIA System Update’ serves as add-on to the control Panel. This program is now available to check for drivers update automatically and provide you the ability to update System drivers, firmware and BIOS.

Additionally, this tool also feature ‘NVIDIA Performance Group’ comes with several functionalities including GeForce GPU which allow you to use GPU overclocking, while ‘nForce MCPs’ feature offers better profiles and tuning for timings, fans, clocks and voltages. It also offers you with Solid support ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture) components.

Another advanced feature Nvidia Control Panel Utility is ‘NVIDIA System Monitor’, provides you detailed information about hardware and System capabilities including content files, dedicated video memory, driver version, memory interface, core clock, and more.

In simple word, Nvidia Control Panel software is one of the best Windows Utility Tools designed to impact gaming and System performance. It offers you improve your graphics & gaming experience with several options included in this tool. You can easily download this tool from Official NVIDIA website or from ‘Windows Store’ (Official).


I hope this tutorial helped you to know about Nvidia Control Panel, and its basics & advanced features offers you to improve your graphics & gaming experience. You can get this Windows utility software by following our instructions on ‘how to download…’ mentioned above. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

Samir Prakash Author